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Real Estate Professional Of Washington





I am different.

I do real estate different.

I am not your typical Realtor.

Why? How? I will try to be brief.

Helping those around me buy and sell homes came naturally to me as I grew up around all kinds of houses in the custom home construction industry. I learned all kinds of skills as we developed properties and built homes for our clients. My father invested in my brother, myself and many others and taught us the skills of an honest trade while building high quality homes done the right way. 

I wanted to bring the work ethic, these skills, this knowledge and client satisfaction goals to selling real estate. Before I pursued this career many people I knew were not having good experiences when buying or selling their homes. There were surprises, unknowns, anxieties, expectations not met, thousands of dollars spent, failed goals and so on.

That style of real estate sales and serving of clients needed to change and I knew just how to do it.

In today's housing market, things happen quickly. Homes sell fast and decisions have to be made even faster if you want to beat the competition. Remember my home building background? This is where it comes into play in a big way. I am showing a home to my clients and the house is buzzing with activity from other buyers. While most people are looking at paint colors, room sizes and if they like the countertops, I find my way into the crawlspace to inspect for serious problems like water issues, rot and rodent activity to name a few. This same inspection happens in the attic and all other areas of the home. You can learn a lot about a home in a quick inspection like this.

Funny thing is, in all these years I have never bumped elbows with another agent who is also in the crawlspace or attic for their client. They are usually preparing to write a very high offer for their client after a whirlwind showing, waving the inspection, not knowing there is 4" of water in the crawlspace forming mold on the framing and ruining the insulation. This leads to big surprises for those people either just before they buy the home or after they own it with costs to fix in the thousands.


My clients have an edge. I research for them differently. They know a lot about a home and it's structural integrity after our initial visit and they can determine based on my findings if they want to pursue the home or not.

You might ask, "What about hiring a professional home inspector?" Yes, it is always good to hire a pro and I highly recommend it but they do take time to schedule and cost hundreds of dollars. I hear stories of buyers spending thousands on inspections with no home to show for it yet. I get to save my clients the hassle and the money and save it for when they want to pursue the right home for them.

This same work ethic applies to clients who hire me to sell their home. I help prepare your home like no one else and usually save my clients time and money in the preparation.

When selling a home it is always best to present the home in really good shape. Sometimes homes just need a touch up here and there and others have a longer list of repairs or fixes needing completion. I have been known to do some of these tasks myself, saving my clients from having to hire a contractor and wait for them. Other needs require other pros to help and being involved in the construction industry, I have solid subcontractors ready to complete the task. 

After all of the time, money, work and planning are complete in preparing a home for sale, it is ready to produce smiles and satisfaction to my clients knowing they received something different in this process, something valuable.  

I hope you enjoy my website. It should have everything you need to start or get interested in your search for a home or to learn more about selling your home. Please remember, my clients have an edge when working with me. You deserve this level of service and the success and satisfaction that come with it. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am always available.

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