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Builder Expertise

I’m 12 years old, asleep on a Saturday morning and my Dad walks in to wake my brother and I up to go to the jobsite with him. I may have whined about it then, but I am forever grateful for those memories now.

Early in life my dad invested time in my brother and I to not just teach us valuable skills in an honest trade but to teach us how to be quality people in our community. I have many memories of digging ditches, pouring concrete, framing walls, sheathing roofs, and trimming out houses to the best of our ability as well as learning important life lessons in the truck and ferry rides with my dad to the different jobsites.

Our little family construction company has built some awesome homes over the years and I’m proud to be apart of a lot of them.

These skills and lessons learned have transitioned well into my real estate career for the benefit of my clients and how I work for them.

Sometimes my clients who are wanting to buy a home are surprised that I have disappeared into the crawlspace or attic to look for issues and structural integrity or lack thereof. Why do I do this? Because it can be detrimental if I do not. So often these days homes can be fought over and sold in a matter of a few days or less and every year my practice of inspecting behind the scenes before making an offer proves extremely helpful. I inspect before the inspection. Several of my clients have chosen not to pursue a home or alter their offer based upon facts like framing is rotting in the crawlspace, there is standing water there too, rodent activity and a roof leak in the attic when the listing states “Seller to make no repairs.”

When buyers may make several offers on homes and are tempted to pay for official inspections, even before a contract is signed, saving them $600 each time for not hiring a professional home inspector is a relief for them. They also are relieved they did not make an offer on a house needing thousands of dollars in repairs or more or they chose to pursue the home and tailored their offer knowing better the condition of the home. My clients are more informed than any other buyer. An informed buyer maintains an edge on the competition.

My work history and skills proves to be a great benefit to my clients wanting to sell. There are numerous tasks I am willing to do to help get your home ready to sell. You might find me making noise in your neighborhood with my pressure washer, cutting and installing trim, up on a roof applying a treatment, trimming branches, taking loads to the dump or donation site and the list goes on! My past clients appreciate this tailored service and when you combine it with my marketing strategy, I can assure your experience working with me will be a great one! 

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