About Me

Pictured here is who I am.

Both my wife and I are lifetime locals, and we look forward to continuing to raise our 3 boys (known as the Bergsagel Boys) here as well. If you see us at the golf driving range, feel free to say “hi.” We are the 4 lefties lined up trying to hit it straight!

Homes and real estate have been a part of my life since I was young. I grew up in the custom home construction and remodel industry working for my Dad and Bergsagel Construction. I learned valuable skills in the trade, running a business and how to best treat clients as their homes were built. This knowledge and experience transitioned naturally into a real estate career.

I am honored when I can help people through the process of buying or selling a home or property and they tell me how enjoyable it was when they expected it to be stressful and full of anxiety. These kind words make my love for serving people grow. If I was focused on selling 50 homes per year I am afraid my level of service, care and the best interests of my client would not be my top priority. I dedicate that my clients get the best of me because if I give them my best, they get the best results in their purchase or sale.

Why am I different? My clients have an edge, and it proves itself over and over. My custom home construction background is a huge benefit to those I work with. When buying a home, you are not just buying the hardwood floors and cabinets, you are buying the structure too, the parts you do not normally see but are incredibly important. In a highly competitive market and because this is such a big investment in your life, its best to see important parts of the structure BEFORE you write an offer, not AFTER. For my clients, while they are looking at bathrooms and the kitchen, I am in the crawlspace or attic looking for issues that might affect if and how my clients make an offer for the home. This level of service continues to be of importance to my clients.

This same service applies to clients asking me to sell their home. My checklist, involvement and strategy to work with you to prepare and then sell your home has proven to be a repeat success. I’m not afraid to get dirty and put in some extra work if it means helping people and their home shine.

Simply put, my goal is to help you reach your goals. If I do that, I hope to earn your friendship and be a resource for you for years to come.